Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Atom 2 Windshield Upgrade

We recently retrofitted an Atom 2 with the new Atom 3 Windshield upgrade. With a couple of parts from the guys at TMI, we moved the brake and clutch fluid reservoirs above the steering column. This puts the reservoirs in the same spot as the Atom 3. The reservoirs needed to be moved so that you can install the windshield wiper motor and washer fluid reservoir.

Some Atom 2’s will have to be modified further if you have the fire extinguisher bracket welded directly into the chassis.

We also upgraded the car to the Atom 3 side mirrors. These use a 1-hole mount and now are part of the windshield panel mounting. They secure the outside corners of the dash panel. On our Atom 2, we removed the old mirror bracket that was riveted to the chassis as it was no longer needed. The other 3 mounting points are the same as the stock dash panel.

After installing the windshield, we were able to fit the new style bonnet to the car. This new bonnet has some really nice sharp lines. The fit and finish is very nice.

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