Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OS Giken LSD Feedback

One of our AutoX friends, David Smart is running at the National level with his Lotus. He is running the OS Giken LSD for the first time. He wrote me with his initial results:

Shinoo – Quick feedback from my first event with the OSG SuperLock diff. This weekend we ran the SCCA Texas National Tour in Mineral Wells. My co-driver and I went 1st and 2nd. The track was approx 1.5 miles long with a variety of course elements. The course also had a few bumpy sections which the diff handled well under 100% lock. The Torsen was notorious for allowing wheel spin in bumpy sections.

We found that the car behaved like it was equipped with an open diff on corner entry. At mid-phase and corner exit I was able to quickly transition from neutral to oversteer to get the rotation I needed. Other good news, I didn’t hear a peep out of the clutch packs all weekend.

Overall, good results!



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