Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Nitron Build Begins!

We've just started the installation of all Nitron's new suspension bits on an Exige Cup car belonging to Michael W., one of the racers in the Lotus Challenge Series. Michael's Cup car will getting the following Nitron components installed:
  • Nitron Front & Rear Uprights
  • Nitron Rear Toe Link Kit

  • Nitron Wishbone Inner Bearings

  • Nitron Complete Big Brake Kit with AP Racing calipers

  • Nitron Brake Hose Kit

  • Nitron Titanium Caliper Studs

  • Nitron 18mm Spherical Bearing adapters

  • Nitron GT3 Triple Adjustable Suspension Kit.

These components will lower the Cup car 25mm without changing the suspension geometry thanks to new front & rear uprights that position the wheels 25mm higher than stock. This kit will also shed unsprung weight through the use of light materials & premium construction techniques. CLICK HERE to read more about Nitron North America & these components.

Check back here for updates on the progress of our installation of these VERY tasty bits!

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