Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nitron Upgrades Have Arrived!

We just received Nitron's latest bits for install. We will be installing these onto an Exige Cup car that is getting campaigned in the Lotus Challenge Series. Running extremely low ride heights, which is desirable on a race car, results in poor performance with the stock Lotus geometry. The Nitron uprights will allow for a 25mm drop in ride height while still keeping the geo working well. We will be moving the stock Lotus Sport AP calipers to the rear with this kit. The race spec AP Pro 5000+ calipers are getting installed on the front. We will run Pagid Rs14s to start.
This close up shot shows the quality of the machining on the uprights. Amazingly they have the ability to eliminate all of the mill marks completely - but then the parts look like cast bits!

We post up our progress soon.

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