Wednesday, April 22, 2009

325hp+ Powertrain Swap with Secant

One of the products from our partnership with Secant Engineering is a full powertrain swap for the Elise/Exige + power ehancement for the Atom2. The Secant boys have done an exceptionally nice job in integrating the Ecotec powertrain into their Exige. Their OEM-like approach is evident when you see how clean the engine bay looks. The powertrain looks like it belongs in a Lotus (actually a derivative is in the Europa). An interesting fact is that this engine was developed in part by Lotus Engineering. My friend Kiyoshi aptly pointed out, we now have a 'Lotus' engine in a Lotus Elise/Exige.

Secant has already commercialized their Stage 1 kit. It produces 280hp & 241ft-lbs of torque. Learn more here: Secant Stage 1 Specs The power of this kit is impressive BUT so is how docile the car is around town and in day to day use. This powertrain swap is available now - just contact us.
The engine shown above was built for us by GM Racing. We will be plugging it into Secant's Exige. We're undertaking this minor surgery at our shop this weekend. This motor is fully built to withstand the added power that will be generated thx to the new TVS supercharger that we are bolting to it. This is the same blower on the new ZR1. It is very efficient and can move massive amounts of air. We'll also raise the rev limiter to 7,500rpm.

We are shooting for approx 325hp. Our ultimate goal is to offer SAFE and RELIABLE power upgrades. We're confident that our aero, brake & suspension solutions are ready for this level of power. Delivering a balanced solution is high on our list.
Yes, we have another engine being built by GM Racing for my Atom. 8^)

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