Monday, March 2, 2009

New Steering Arms = More Camber

We're excited to announce the development of new aluminum steering arms for the Lotus variants.  We have been working with Ralph @ V2 Motorsports to develop this solution for our cars.  The kit includes shims that will allow you to easily go from a street friendly camber setting and quickly dial in more for track use - at the track.

The CAD images below, show the general design of the arm and shims.  Ralph modelled the kinematics of our suspension to sort this solution.  One key advantage of this solution is that it helps correct the bump steer problems - unlike simply machining the stock steering arms.

A rapid prototype (SLA) model was created and fit on to confirm the design.  Everything fits well.  We've now put them into production.

The stainless steel shims will come in several thicknesses to help you dial in the exact camber you would like.  They can be installed or removed without pulling out the bolts fully.

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