Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seat Back Reinforcement & Head Net

In our pursuit of more safety, we've had a seat reinforcement fabbed. The ReVerie XRC-FIA seat we installed in the Atom has threaded inserts located in the back and is ready for reinforcement. Our friends at BurkeBuilt built the custom reinforcement bar that attaches to the chassis at the roll bar mounting locations. The seat is stiff to start with but is now unbelievably stiff.

A safety seminar I attended early this year, put on by SCORE, continued to advocate seat safety. Dr. John Melvin, a professor and noted safety industry expert, also promoted the use of HANs-type devices and head nets. We have been playing around with a couple of Head nets and looking for ways to secure them - somewhat easy on the Atom and fairly difficult on the Lotus. Watch our Schroth video ( ) if you want to see how violent a side impact can be! Head nets can help significantly.

We're chasing after ways to both reinforce seat backs as well as commercialize head nets. No timing on when we'll have them done for either Lotus or Ariel, but aim to get something sorted by start of track season next year.

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