Monday, June 27, 2016

Placing your Alfa 4C onto 2 or 4 Floor Stands

Working on a car can be dangerous when it gets lifted.  We like to place our cars securely onto floor stands whenever we need to get under a car.  This blog shows how to safely place an Alfa 4C onto four floor stands so that you can easily pull all wheels and/or work under the car.  This is especially convenient with brake jobs, oil changes and mechanical inspections - especially before AND after your track/AutoX events.  We also show how to place the car safely onto two rear stands.

Suggested tools:

Placing the car onto 4 Jack Stands

Step 1:  Jack the car from center jack pad that is located on the chassis
jack from the center pad that is located on the chassis (small red rectangle)
drive rear tires onto wood to raise car 

  • The center pad is rear of the front pad
  • Use a low-profile floor jack or drive the rear car tires up onto pieces of wood to provide clearance for a normal floor jack (as shown)
  • We use a small piece of wood between the floor jack and the chassis - we like being sympathetic to our babies...and the rubber pad fell off our jack years ago. 8^)

Step 2: Place a flatJACK under the rear jacking point and one under the front jack pad

rear jack point -  car is NOT resting on stand
front jack pad - car is not resting on stand

  1. The rear point is ribbed and in-line with the arrow molded into the side sill
  2. The front point is pad molded into the chassis and is in-line with the arrow molded into the side sill.
  3. Lower the  car onto the stands slowly

Step 3: Lift the opposite side of the car from the center jack point

Left side is elevated and resting on floor stands
  • Carefully lift from the center jack pad
  • Lift the car just enough to clear the flatJACKS (floor stands)
  • Slide the flatJACKS into position
    • rear jack point and front jack point
    • slowly lower car onto floor stands

Step 4: Remove car from floor stands
  • Reverse the above process
Placing the car onto 2 Jack Stands

Most maintenance tasks required usually only need the rear of the car lifted and placed onto stands.  We do NOT recommend attempting to place the 4C onto 2 front stands as the car will not be stable.  It is safe to place the 2 stands on the rear of the car.

If you follow the above Steps 1-3, you can safely place your 4C onto two rear stands.  The process below shows a quicker process to placing the car onto 2 rear stands but requires our 4CLIFTkit - or your own DIY version(see previous blog).

Step 1: Install 4CLIFTkit

Step 2: Place floor jack under diffuser at the seam with the undertray
  • Lift carefully

Step 3: Place floor stands under rear jack points
  • remove the floor jack

Step 4: Get to work!

These are a couple of safe ways to get the 4C onto stands.  Use the safest method possible.  I can't over stress the need for you to be safe.  All of the above assumes you are working on a flat stable floor and you know how to use the tools/methods described.  If in doubt, call us, your mechanic or a trusted friend!  

Inspecting your car before and after your driving events is critical.  Light-weight cars are a joy to drive on track but track use will quickly loosen joints.  These loose joints must be caught and tightened otherwise parts may begin to fall off your car...

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